Frequently Asked Questions

Won't Topos be used for bad things?

We think that the good Topos can bring is far greater than the bad it could be used for. Topos is designed to benefit legitimate users who have their privacy in mind and are concerned with the risk of using a platform with a completely transparent public ledger.

What is staking?

You can compare staking with bitcoin mining, but instead of using cpu power, you use your TOPOS to gain interest. The more TOPOS you have, the more often you will earn a 'stake'.

What is a sidechain?

A sidechain is a blockchain on its own which is connected to the mainchain and can allow for higher throughput, faster transactions and can be application-specific while keeping the mainchain as simple as possible.

Does/will Topos contain a backdoor?

Topos’ software is fully open-source. Providing a public, full, and maintained source code for review and improvement is an effective countermeasure against backdoors.

What is the difference between Topos and Bitcoin?

Topos is its own blockchain based on a code fork of Bitcoin 0.19. Unlike with Bitcoin, transaction data on the Topos network are completely hidden using zero-knowledge proofs, bringing full privacy to its users. Another main difference is that the Topos network does not make use of Proof-of-Work but includes its own Proof-of-Stake algorithm.

Does Topos have multi-signature transactions?

As of now, only Topos transparent addresses (Bitcoin-like addresses) support multi-signature transactions.

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