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Interoperable blockchain ecosystem
based on zero-knowledge proofs

Toposware is developing a fully interoperable blockchain ecosystem powered by zero-knowledge proofs that provides tamper resistance and data privacy.


Toposware aims at solving the blockchain interoperability problem with an innovative communication protocol powered by zero-knowledge proofs, enabling the creation of a fully decentralized and trustless ecosystem. The era of boundless applications is now within reach.

Lightning Fast


The Topos ecosystem is open for an unlimited number of independent blockchains connected via a unique cross-chain protocol, allowing parallel processing of transactions and granting very high throughput across the network.

Low Transaction Fees

Cryptographic Privacy

The implementation of a cryptographic protocol utilizing zero-knowledge proofs at the core of our blockchain will grant users the ability to exchange coins, messages, and more in a totally anonymous manner. This privacy mechanism completely breaks the link between sender and receiver for maximal privacy.

Cryptographic Privacy


Since Toposware uses PoS instead of PoW, running the network does not require computational power to mine blocks, making it very environmentally friendly. Due to low energy consumption, nodes can be powered by renewable energy such as solar panels.


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