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Two additional instantiations from the Tip5 hash function construction

Robin Salen

Feb 1, 2023

Folding Schemes with Selective Verification

Carla Ràfols and Alexandros Zacharakis

Nov 14, 2022

New Design Techniques for Efficient Arithmetization-Oriented Hash Functions: Anemoi Permutations and Jive Compression Mode

Clémence Bouvier, Pierre Briaud, Pyrros Chaidos, Léo Perrin, Robin Salen, Vesselin Velichkov, Danny Willems

Oct 17, 2022

Topos: A Secure, Trustless, and Decentralized Interoperability Protocol

Théo Gauthier, Sébastien Dan, Monir Hadji, Antonella Del Pozzo, and Yackolley Amoussou-Guenou

June 8, 2022

Security Analysis of Elliptic Curves over Sextic Extension of Small Prime Fields

Robin Salen, Vijaykumar Singh, and Vladimir Soukharev

March 2, 2022

Identifiable Cheating Entity Flexible Round-Optimized Schnorr Threshold (ICE FROST) Signature Protocol

Alonso González, Hamy Ratoanina, Robin Salen, Setareh Sharifian, and Vladimir Soukharev

Dec 20, 2021

Fully-succinct Publicly Verifiable Delegation from Constant-Size Assumptions

Alonso González and Alexandros Zacharakis

Sept 17, 2021

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