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Open Positions

Rust Software Engineer

This role is ideal for software engineers with interest in security, networking, and/or scalable system architecture. You can bring in your knowledge and your experience and grow further with the team.

Distributed Systems Engineer

The Topos ecosystem is under active development, and as part of your role, you will be tasked with designing core features, improving the performance and reliability of the ecosystem.

Applied Cryptography Engineer

We are looking for a talented, forward-thinking and ambitious cryptographer to help us research and develop cutting-edge cryptosystems to implement on the Topos platform.

Marketing Manager

you will be tasked with promoting Toposware’s brand recognition by developing a scalable marketing plan that includes the company’s marketing communications , market research , and customer service.

Community Manager

We are looking for a Community Manager who will help us support, connect, and grow Toposware’s online and offline communities.

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