Toposware Update - December 2022

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Hi everyone,

As the year comes to a close, we are pleased to announce that we have continued to expand our team and engage with our community, even in the face of a volatile industry. We have finalized a testnet playbook and are eager to continue working with global partners in the coming year as we progress toward launch. We would like to provide an update on the current status of Toposware. Please see the information below for details:

Business update

🚀 Our team continues to grow with the great additions of Ph.D. cryptographer Linda Guiga from Oxford University and DevOps rockstar, Thiago Nobayashi from Meta. While we, like most in the industry, are continually reassessing hiring in light of macro events and the web3 space - we have an aggressive recruitment strategy over the coming quarters -

⚡ We are fortunate to be assembling a world-class advisory team with experiences across tech, global Enterprise, and go-to-market. We are excited to welcome Jeanette Gorgas and Mimi Spier and are thrilled to engage their deep expertise in building amazing teams and products.

🏎️  After emerging from stealth in mid-2022, Toposware has been out engaging the community and partners as we build toward our testnet next year. We have begun to lock in key partners from an infrastructure and user engagement perspective and have been on a listening and community engagement tour through November and December. We are inspired by the innovative projects and DAOs building their utility and communities - and have been having great conversations about what secure interoperability, sovereign execution, and product scaling support could mean to their growth. We are excited to lock in support for these products and partnerships in the New Year!

👔 Toposware has been busy engaging, educating, and listening to established Enterprise and web2 organizations who are assessing what Blockchain may mean to them soon. We have been fortunate to connect with some of the biggest global names in gaming, global payments, fintech, pharma/biotech, banking, credit & clearing, insurance, clinical trials, Enterprise software, systems integration, and more. Early next quarter we will roll out our Enterprise Early Access program and are excited about how that will bring Toposware value into the Enterprise and the Enterprise into Topos’ feature roadmap.

We have lots to do and there is never enough time in the day - which is why we are looking for great people to join our team and great partners to come on the journey. If you have an interest in what we are building make sure you reach out to us!

Dev & tech update 

📝 Implementation: The Topos team has been working diligently since the release of the whitepaper to bring the quality protocol to life. We are pleased to announce that we have reached several implementation milestones. Such milestones include the full implementation of the Transmission Control Engine (TCE). This vital component of the protocol allows for seamless communication between subnets, paving the way for the upcoming testnet in the new year. Stay tuned for updates as we continue to make progress on this exciting project!

👐 Open Source release: Join the Toposware revolution as we unleash our technology! We're committed to fostering a collaborative, transparent, and innovative community through our open-source practices. Our comprehensive documentation will make it easy for developers to dive into our code and start building with us. Don't miss out on this exciting opportunity to shape the future of technology. The open-source release is just around the corner early next year – mark your calendars!

💥 Integration: Experience the power of web3 with Toposware integrations! Our integration with Metamask, the most popular crypto wallet, makes it easy for users to access and interact with dApps and decentralized systems. You can easily manage your funds and interact with smart contracts on any of our subnets through our Metamask integration. But that's not all – we have even more integrations in the works, so stay tuned for updates on how to supercharge your web3 experience!

🔎 Observability: We believe in the power of observability-driven development. This means that we design our software with a focus on performance and visibility, giving developers all the information needed to optimize the system's performance and quickly troubleshoot any issues that may arise. One feature that exemplifies this commitment is our Certificate trace. This tool allows developers to view the complete history of events for a specific certificate across multiple subnets and the TCE in an organized and easy-to-understand manner. With this feature, developers will have all the information needed to make informed decisions about their system's performance. We're happy to offer these types of innovative and user-friendly features to our customers.

Research update

👨‍🎓 While we continue to push the boundaries of development, our team also maintains a strong focus on research. We are proud to have co-published two new academic papers in collaboration with leading research institutes and universities. These publications showcase our commitment to staying at the forefront of our field and pushing the boundaries of what's possible.

  • The first publication is a method for aggregating multiple statements into a single one. This allows to amortize the proving cost across multiple proofs of independent and unrelated statements. The prover can then produce a proof for the single statement using a SNARK.

  • The second publication is a new family of ZK-friendly hash functions which provides much greater performance than alternatives such as Poseidon and Rescue-Prime.

Marketing, events, and community update 

🎈 We've been hard at work over the past few months, focusing on building up our online presence and connecting with our community in person. We've made some great updates to our website, and we're excited to announce that we now have over 300 followers on Twitter! But that's not all - we've also been busy attending events and interviews, getting out there, and spreading the word about what we do. We're pumped to keep growing and connecting with all of you in the future. Some of the events we attended are listed below: 

🛰️ “The Future of crypto by Benzinga", in New York, USA.

🚀 Techcrunch Sessions: Crypto 2022, and "The Web3 Summit" in Miami, Florida, where we met other like-minded people 👇

Techcrunch Toposware Twitter post

👩‍💻 Crypto Panel "What can crypto do to CFOs and businesses" presented by FACC New England and FEI Boston

🌃 The "Boston Institutional Digital Assets Forum" where we engaged with other local Boston enterprises, on the future of digital assets 

👍 ZK Proof Workshop, where Clémence Bouvier presented our work on the Anemoi hash function, in collaboration with INRIANomadics LabsClearmatics, and the University of Athens (link to the video recording here).

5th ZK Proof Workshop Toposware twitter image

😀 Theo, Toposware CEO, and founder, also had the pleasure to talk to Brandon from Blockhash, in a live interview  👇

Toposware Zempcapital Twitter post

We are hiring

See something that interests you? Apply here.

Thank you for reading, and see you next time. 

Toposware Team

Toposware Inc.

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